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Commercial real estate development in Washington state—including the member businesses of NAIOPWA—created and supported more than 66,000 jobs and contributed $9.5 billion to the state economy (GDP) in 2019. NAIOP’s robust government affairs agenda is dedicated to supporting the members who make that possible by providing them an effective voice before policymakers in Olympia and at city hall.

This effort includes maintaining an active Government Affairs Committee, comprising NAIOPWA members; engaging local and state lobbyists, who advise and report to the membership on government issues; developing white papers and position statements; and managing and directing contributions to the NAIOP Washington State PAC.

COVID-19 Response

In light of the extraordinary impact of COVID-19 on our community, NAIOPWA is actively engaged in advocacy efforts to keep commercial real estate working throughout the crisis we all face today. We are all dedicated to creating a bright future for our industry and community. Efforts as of March 25 include:

  • Coordination with the city of Seattle around delaying implementation of the Seattle Construction Code from July 1 to October 1, 2020, or later;
  • a request to delay Washington State construction code updates to January 1, 2021; 
  • and a request for clarification and/or amendment of Governor Inslee's "Stay Home, Stay Safe" executive order to address commercial construction.
Read more about our COVID-19 response.

NAIOPWA 2020 Legislative Priorities

Seattle and Puget Sound 

  • Seattle winter evictions
  • MFTE challenges
  • Natural gas ban efforts
  • Seattle Energy Code updates
  • Kent industrial zoning changes
  • Eastside Task Force

For more information, contact Natalie Quick, [email protected] or 206-779-0489.

Washington State

  • Rent control
  • Reverse the Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) increase
  • Multifamily property tax exemption extension (MFTE)
  • King County payroll tax

For more information, contact Greg Hanon, [email protected] or 253-279-8282.

In support of our priorities, NAIOPWA has collaborated with partners to form a new coalition to address the cost of housing in Washington State. The Partnership for Affordable Housing specifically looks at rent control's unintended consequences in other cities and how it could affect housing availability and affordability here.


  • Tax Policy
  • Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Learn more about national priorities and additional legislative issues at

Government Affairs Committee

Get to know our Government Affairs Committee, which comprises NAIOP Washington State members who work directly with our two lobbyists to monitor key issues.

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