NAIOP Washington State Hall of Fame

The Hall was created to recognize the people who laid the groundwork for the industry today and have helped shape the character of our region and the great cities in Washington.

The following persons are members of the Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame:

Paul Morgan

Marvin Boys

Robert Filley, Jr.

Herman Sarkowsky

H. Jon Runstad

Martin Smith, Jr.

Joseph Diamond

Al Clise, Sr.

Harold Hill

John "Jack" Graham, Jr.

James M. Ryan

Henry Broderick

Bert McNae

Jack A. Benaroya

Norton Clapp

Kemper Freeman, Sr.

Howard S. Wright

Rodger Fagerholm

William Bain, Jr.

Steve Dennis

Lance Mueller

Roger Anderson

Kemper Freeman, Jr.

Dave Sabey

Marvin Stein

Larry Benaroya

Bob Parks

Robert (Bob) Baugh

Tony Callison

Walter P. Costello (2015)

Blake Eagle (2016)