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A Critical Moment in Our CRE Community

Legislative and regulatory threats to commercial real estate in Washington state are growing. Rent control, transfer tax (real estate excise tax), and impact fees are significant challenges we face in upcoming legislative sessions.

The long-term success of CRE depends on establishing a well of financial resources to support continuity in advocacy. In an environment of tax-focused politicians, the CRE community cannot afford to be unprepared for 2024.

Donate to the 2024 Government Affairs Program

NAIOPWA fights tirelessly for laws, regulations, and policies that increase predictability, fairness and timeliness for the industry. Support from our Government Affairs contributors helps fund NAIOP's advocacy efforts, which save developers precious time and money.

Contribution Level Issues Funding PAC Funding* Total Support
Platinum $15,000 $10,000 $25,000
Gold $10,000 $5,000 $15,000
Silver $5,000 $2,500 $7,500

*Contributions to the NAIOP Washington State PAC are encouraged and needed to protect our industry.

Benefits of Government Affairs Support

Your support will fund NAIOPWA's government affairs efforts, ensuring the CRE industry is well-represented before key policy makers. Supporters hear directly from political leaders, economic analysts and industry experts throughout the year. These exclusive meetings are designed to provide members with an opportunity to stay informed while networking with other industry leaders. Benefits of support include:

Legislative & Regulatory Updates from Our Lobbyists
Regular briefs that distill legislative and regulatory updates to specific CRE impact points with specific action items when appropriate. At the beginning of each year, participate in a unique, small-group-format event to:

  • Receive updates on regulatory and legislative issues concerning a specific sector.
  • Discuss critical issues and business challenges impacting development.
  • Meet with local, legislative and congressional representatives regarding issues relevant to development and business interests.

Aggressive advocacy and representation on critical issues affecting the CRE industry and economic development in Washington state. This advocacy helps to protect the industry from potentially devastating legislative and regulatory requirements.

Economic and Research Reports
Access to research commissioned for specific, issue-based advocacy efforts.

Knowledge that your support makes it possible for NAIOPWA to continue its advocacy on behalf of the industry.

NAIOPWA 2024 Government Affairs Contributors