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We welcome every opportunity to connect with you members and the CRE community. NAIOPWA operates with a small staff. Our team is often off site at an event or in meetings. Emailing [email protected] is the fastest way to get a response to all inquiries and will direct you to the appropriate member of our team.

Email: [email protected]
NAIOP Washington State | PO Box 40 | Redmond, WA 98073
Phone: 206-382-9121 | Fax: 206-274-6247


Danielle Duvall,
Executive Director
NAIOP Washington State
[email protected]

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Quinn Sanderson,
Membership and Communications

NAIOP Washington State
[email protected]

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Sarah Grammar Warnberg,
Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator
NAIOP Washington State
[email protected]

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 Jan Jandrisch Jan Jandrisch,
Events and Administration Coordinator
NAIOP Washington State
[email protected]