Bellevue & Seattle MFTE Updates [Member Advocacy Update]

Alongside our efforts at the state level to ensure the continuity of MFTE, the NAIOPWA government affairs/advocacy team continues to work in Seattle and on the Eastside on MFTE program implementation. Over the past year, our East Side Task Force in particular has worked with Bellevue city staff and council members on program amendments that would ensure the program operates more successfully going forward.

Based on feedback from many of our members, our primary areas of focus were:

  • Adjusting AMI percentages from low-income levels (50-60% AMI) up to true middle-income housing levels (80% AMI)
  • Removing the administrative requirement that all MFTE units provide a free parking stall

In Seattle, NAIOPWA also continues to engage in an ongoing revision of MFTE programs. 

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